BBQ Sundae Recipe

This is a crowd-pleasing and kid-friendly dish to make using all the Sunday football favorites. Enjoy it during a game-day BBQ or rejuvenate your barbecue leftovers the next day.



Layering the components allows you to taste all the flavors at once. You can either build your BBQ Sundae on a bun, a Portobello mushroom, in a bowl, on a plate, in a mason jar, or in a small cast iron skillet.

To build the sundae, start with a base of the shredded BBQ meat, add a spoonful of cheesy potatoes on top, add a spoonful of ranch beans, and then top it off with a scoop of crisp coleslaw.

For a tropical variation, use chicken or pork with a Huli Huli sauce as your base layer and make the coleslaw tropical by adding mango, pineapple, and lime to the slaw.

Enjoy your meal with an ice cold beer.

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