Barrel to Bottle
Barrel to Bottle


to Bottle

Workers across three 
industries—farming, cooperage, and distilling—contribute to a tradition of craftsmanship at the heart of the whiskey–making process.

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Washed Away

Preserving a family legacy in the wake of devastation.


Diving Deep: Jobs at Sea

We connected with maritime workers across three critical industries—marine construction, fishing, and fish preparation—where pride and pressure run high. For these workers, it is not just a job. It is a way of life.


Community Matters: Active Valor & A Life of Purpose

Our Community Matters series is a grassroots approach to supporting those who support the nation—the communities that feed America, build America, and protect America. Our newest story highlight is on Active Valor, a non-profit dedicated to giving combat veterans new purpose by connecting them with children of our nation’s fallen heroes.


Community Matters: Jalama Canyon Ranch

Nature’s health is declining. And that is the message White Buffalo Land Trust—a non-profit working to restore our ecosystem through agriculture at Jalama Canyon Ranch—wants the world to know.

Visual Storytelling

Steel & Timber

We connected with workers Boz Curry, a lease operator for Ranger Energy Services, one of the largest providers of high specification well servicing rigs and ancillary, and Patrick Pilkington and Kayla Utter of Dohn Construction, a general contractor for commercial construction. Despite the importance of the dedicated workers and resources that support so many of the structures and inner workings of our lives, they rarely demand attention. Rather, they reliably construct and transform the foundation of America day after day — with the tensile 
of steel and timber.


Nurturing Growth:
A Story of Transformation

With hard work, grit, and perseverance, Peter Mustin owns and operates Woodbridge Farm, 24 acres of land in the Chimacum Valley of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Growing up in Philadelphia and spending his youth going in and out of prison, Peter’s vision with his farm is not only to grow food and flowers but to serve as a place for community outreach and education for young people, including troubled youth.


Feeding America

Whatever it takes. This is a deeper look into how American farmers and ranchers out of Montana, a state where more than 60% of the land is used for agriculture and ranching, adapted during a time of crisis and uncertainty to ensure they continued feeding the nation.

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