Taking Off

As the sun sets in the West, our thoughts turn to tomorrow. The new day brings a fresh chance to chase a better future. Like clouds in the sky, brighter days are always closer than they seem.

Fight or Flight

Scattered across the rolling hills, rugged deserts, and sun-soaked valleys of the American West are thousands of wild horses, roaming free under the protective eye of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Since 1971, the BLM has used an incredible range of resources—including helicopters that gather and redirect herds—to manage wild horses on public lands and prevent an ecological crisis.

Mustang management is met with ongoing challenges and opposing opinions. Many horses are held in crowded facilities. According to some wild horse activists, these underfunded holding areas pose real risks to horses’ health. While the BLM moves many of these horses into private ownership, they lack the resources to properly care for them all. That’s why organizations like Mustang Alley have stepped up. By connecting wild horses with adopted teens for a therapeutic process known as equine therapy, they work toward a future where every horse finds a home and a purpose.

Taking Flight

Success in country music is as bright as the open skies, but getting there can feel like an endless climb. Striving for a big break, aspiring musicians share their stories with the world, connecting with fans by staying true to themselves.

With turbulence at every corner, six rising country musicians—George Birge, Ella Langley, Austin Snell, Laci Kaye Booth, Zandi Holup, and Bryce Leatherwood—rely on their friends, families, and values in pursuit of their dreams.

I’m just doing my best, trying to pursue a dream I've always had.

— Ella Langley

I want people to say, He is who he is—it’s not a show.

— Austin Snell

As long as you're honest, that's the easiest way for people to connect and relate to you.

— George Birge

If you search for the emotion in something, you’ll find a song in it.

— Zandi Holup

It's really important for me to create a world where people feel seen.

— Laci Kaye Booth

I'm most proud of staying true to who I am.

— Bryce Leatherwood

Defying Gravity

We start at a distance, but humans and horses meet in the middle, where trust meets confidence. Compassion is our shared language, enabling us to overcome impossible challenges together. The heights we’ve risen to could never have been reached alone.