Gold Rush

The prospect of gold has long sent the American West on wild chases, from embracing the insatiable desire for the extravagant to leaving everything behind in pursuit of a dream—a dream ignited by the allure of freedom fueled by
 dust-covered optimism.

From North America to South America, the golden ideals of cowboy life unfold, chasing the hazy possibility of what could be.

Wearing a hat and boots doesn't make you a cowboy. It's the spirit of a person.
 It's being the first out of bed, never being outworked. It's blistered hands and sore backs.

-Delon Parker, 4th-Generation Ranch and Rodeo Cowboy

Lifelong working cowboy since birth who saw firsthand his family lose their ranch due to the increasing challenges modern-day cowboys face today, Delon epitomizes the sparkling ideals of what it means to be a cowboy.

Adriano Moraes, 3-Time PBR World Champion & Bull Riding Coach

The rush comes from bull riding itself; the opportunity to dominate.

Growing up in a shack on a ranch with no running water or rice to eat, Adriano Moraes rode bulls for fun since age 15. Until he learned it was a professional sport. No money to attend rodeos or hire an instructor, he taught himself the craft by self-analyzing each ride. Within a year he made a name for himself as a professional bull rider and has since become 3-Time PBR World Champion, Director of PBR Brazil, and coach to the next generation of Brazilian rodeo stars.

Guilherme Marchi

PBR Ring of Honor recipient and Brazilian native, finishing 635 qualified rides, the most ever in PBR history.

lajedo de pai mateus


Traditional Brazilian Vaqueros

While crowds flock to Lajedo de Pai Mateus for its natural beauty, this is home to uncompromising cowboys who are deeply rooted in their ancient history. Protected from the thick brush in customary leather gear, they keep the legacy of the Brazilian cowboy known as vaqueros thriving.

While a rush for the sublime exists as a global phenomenon, the heart of the cowboy remains the golden ideal.