Visual Storytelling

Dream Out West

While the West can be thought of as a location, we view it as an attitude. The West is about helping your neighbor, working hard, and supporting each other. It celebrates a pioneering spirit, embraces family and tradition, and acts as a safe haven for all. The West is humble, electric, and untamed. It remains the constant grounding force allowing society to continue thriving. When it comes down to our country’s basic needs, the people of the West are our support system. It is because of the farmer and the rancher that we have food to eat. We have shelter, roads, clean water, and electricity due to the American workers’ labor. And we owe our overall health and safety to the first responders, healthcare workers, military, and public works officials. The West keeps us running.

As part of our Long Live the West series, we focused on the people within the Western community—who we refer to as the makers of the West—and through sharing their stories, we have continuously been uplifted and inspired. From getting an inside look into the craft of Western artists; to gaining insight on the tenacity of American ranchers and farmers during the pandemic; to connecting with a group of Navy SEALs and outdoorsmen and tapping into their survivalist mentality; to meeting factory workers who are supporting their entire community—we have seen firsthand that the strength of the Western community is an unbreakable force to be reckoned with. Through our eyes, the West is perfection.

Here, we are visually sharing the West through our point of view—idealistic and pure—by creating images that emulate a mirage. Because the way we see it, the West is not the illusion of the perfect place, rather it is the perfect place. The beauty of the West is boundless, from the Western values that span across the generations to the picture-perfect landscape of the American West. We view the West as nothing short of a real-life utopia, a dreamland. And we thank you for sharing it with us. View the West through our eyes. Dream Out West.