Shaping the Legend of the Cowboy Hat

Since the introduction of the American cowboy, the cowboy hat has offered unrivaled support for the rancher, cowboy, and horseback traveler out West. Cowboy hats are inseparable from their Western roots yet open to all who honor a legacy of ingenuity and perseverance.

Crafted by Tradition

It is no coincidence that the ruthless Old West gave way to the cowboy hat, a symbol of grit and resourcefulness. Handcrafted on American soil in the Serratelli family-owned factory established in 1878, our cowboy hats have a historical connection to the Old West. The cowboy hat artisans honor this connection by sustaining the original, handcrafted techniques passed down through generations.

To craft the perfect cowboy hat, it all begins with a recognition of this history and an understanding of the cowboy hat’s functional purpose. The cowboy was shaped by the needs of the American cowboy, offering shade and insulation while also being used to fan fires and hold water for horses to drink on long trails throughout the West.

Our cowboy hat artisans are committed to crafting hats that live up to these standards through top-quality furs and a mastery of the process. Every aspect of the hat, all the way up to the handcrafted ribbon and buckle, is made with a passion for the craft and a reverence for its history.

As any well-made cowboy hat should be, our hats are built with functionality in mind. They are handcrafted with strict, centuries-old techniques, but they always adapt to the needs of the wearer. They are an icon of the Western community, yet they symbolize the spirit of the individual.

These seemingly opposing characteristics tell the story of the cowboy hat. No other hat has had as profound an impact on the story of America, whether worn on the ranches that feed our nation or by anyone who honors the cowboy lifestyle. We are proud to uphold the legacy of the cowboy hat, an inseparable piece of Western heritage.