Visual Storytelling

In the Blind

The sublime—it’s why we go into the wild—immersed in the elements, looking out at the vastness of our surroundings, 
like a guest in the world. Alone with nothing but our thoughts, forced to come to terms with who we are and the demons we 
never knew we had. Venturing out and experiencing a brotherhood unfathomable anywhere else. The outdoors is where grace meets grit. Observing the earth hard at work before dawn. Witnessing gold light pouring over the horizon and mercilessly dominating every crevice. An unexpected change in weather. Getting lost. Staying alert. It makes us feel alive. It's a feeling unlike any other. And we crave it like smooth whiskey on a cold night. It's a thirst we can't seem to quench unless we're there, which is why we keep returning. It challenges us to the edge and dares us to want more. It ain't always easy being out there. 

If it were, everyone would do it.

You're not everyone.

no limits

in good company