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We know you work hard and need a solid foundation for a hard day's work on your feet. Choosing the right type of work boots is essential for safety, comfort, and support. Determining how to choose the right type of work boot is a process. Every jobsite requires different comfort and support needs. A work boot's form and function work together to provide the foundation.

Selecting The Right Boot

Lace-up or pull-on?

Choosing the right pair of work boot depends on two major factors - the environment of the jobsite and the intensity of the work. For instance, lace-up work boots are better suited for certain work applications, while pull-on work boots are ideal for others. If you work on an oil rig, or if you are a welder, you will want the protection of a Wellington, which is a western style work boot that is very similar to a cowboy boot, but is built for jobsites. On the other hand, lace-up work boots are ideal for those who spend long hours standing or walking on concrete or on construction sites.

The Proper Fit

Work boots should fit like a normal shoe. Outside factors affect the size, such as the type of socks, the shape of the toe, and any kind of special insole for comfort and support. Work boots come in specific widths to achieve the most accurate and precise fit.

Safety Toe Work Boots

Composite or Steel Toe?

Work boots need to be reliable, durable, and protective. Safety toe boots come in a variety of styles and designs, but deciding between composite toe and steel toe boots can be a difficult choice. By understanding the different advantages and limitations of each boot design, you can find the style that best suits your needs. For instance, composite toes are ideal for those who need eletrical hazard protection, while steel toe boots best protect feet from falling objects.

The toe of the work boot is one of the most important aspects of safety. Western work boots have the same round and square toe styles as their cowboy boot counterparts. The toe can either be soft (non-safety) or hard (safety). If you are working around heavy equipment safety toe boots are necessary: we carry a broad assortment of safety toe boots from brands including Rocky, Durango, Timberland Pro, and more. Steel or composite toe work boots provide the best protection from workplace accidents.

Cody James Work Boot


The outsole of the workboot is home to most of the technical features. There are two types of outsoles - traditional rubber and a flat wedge bottom. The outsole of the boot provides you with the oil-, slip-, and chemical-resistance, as well as non-marking properties. The wedge style can have the same features; however, the design of the wedge bottom is optimal for hard surfaces and farm work.

Our Cody James work boots are made with the unmatched quality of the Vibram outsole to provide you with the best foundation.

Cody James Work and Hawx

Boot Barn carries Cody James and Hawx work boots, which are optimally designed to be the best. The Cody James Xero Gravity Xyclone Insole features a memory foam footbed along with heel pods for maximum comfort and support. You will not have to worry about shock or moisture slowing you down. Our Hawx Ground Support Insole comes fully loaded with a light weight EVA foam footbed. The insole is also engineered to handle temperature control by channeling air through grooves in the foam. You will always have sturdy footing with the superior stability of our Cody James and Hawx work boots.

Why Boot Barn Work?

We Carry over 1,700 styles

Boot Barn carries a huge selection of work boots with waterproof, insulation, and electrical hazard protections. If you need to shovel snow away from your car, just pull on a pair of insulated snow boots with a tall shaft to keep the snow away from your feet. Is it a rainy day? Then slip into our seamless rubber rain boots to stay protected from the elements. Heading out to a long shift? Your safety toe boots will have you covered.

We carry over 1,700 styles of work boots in-store and online from all the top work brands. We carry 500,000 pairs or work boots nationwide, plus women's work boots in every store. Plus, we have boots for every industry including construction, oil and gas, agriculture, warehousing, mining, and more.

While work has evolved over time, the need for a solid foundation has never changed. Work boots keep you sturdy and allow you to work with confidence. Boot Barn knows you don't want to worry about protection, comfort, and support. That's why we do the hard work so you can get on with yours. Our process of helping you choose the right combination of features is a breeze. You will always have a friend at Boot Barn, and we will work hard to help you stay at the top of your game.