Made by the West

The Handcrafted Collection

At Boot Barn, we have created premium handcrafted boot brands - Cody James, Shyanne, Idyllwind, Moonshine Spirit, and El Dorado - and brought them direct to you, so you get the absolute best price without sacrificing quality. Our boots are made to be worn, not collected.

Boots Built to Last a Lifetime

Our objective is to build the perfect boot. We only use the best materials; imitation and synthetic leathers are never used. We hand select top quality leathers and exotic skins, so that we produce the finest quality product. One hundred and sixty different hands will touch each pair of our boots from start to finish. In addition, hundreds of steps are taken during the process. Why?
Because, we build our boots to last a lifetime.

Premium Quality, an Affordable Price

Buying a pair of real cowboy boots - built the way they should be made - shouldn't cost a fortune. We offer our boots direct to you in-store and online at the best price guaranteed. This ensures you get a top-quality product, where the craftsmanship speaks for itself - at the best price.

Our Boot Method

With our handcrafted collection, we have cut out the middleman, and are selling boots directly to you. So, every pair of Cody James, Shyanne, Idyllwind, Moonshine Spirit, and El Dorado boots are built by us, and sold by us - direct to you.

Our direct-to-you boot method guarantees that you get top-quality boots at the lowest price.

Our Handcrafted Process

We take cowboy boots very seriously, and have for over forty years. We have spent the last four decades in the boot industry studying what makes a good cowboy boot great. Our design team even studies old cowboy boots as research for further improvements. We are constantly in pursuit of perfection when it comes to handcrafting cowboy boots.

Exceptional Cowboy Boots are a Traditon

Great cowboy boots don't show up overnight. They're not a fad that comes and goes. They're not produced by clever marketing attempting to fool consumers into believing they have revolutionized the cowboy boot. Simply put, the best cowboy boots are the best, because the true craftsmanship of boot making has been passed down through generations of boot artisans. While you can modify slight imperfections or stylistic choices, the fundamentals of how to make a cowboy boot the right way thrive through the rich tradition of craftsmanship. And, the cowboy boots that will last a lifetime are the boots built by the one hundred and sixty artisan craftsmen that create each boot from start to finish.

The Handcrafted Collection

Premium top-quality boots,
direct to you