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Peter Grimm

Peter Grimm Limited has been manufacturing the finest hats for over 20 years. Founded in 1989 in San Diego California, Peter Grimm immediately made a splash with their wide brim lifeguard hat. That was just the beginning, soon to follow were innovative western styles of straw that created a new "category" the drifter as the term is now known. Distressed, battered, beaten, painted, stained, embellished and crushed, the drifter became the hottest new thing in headwear. Today, the Peter Grimm drifter is worn by famous rockstars, cowboys and true characters around the world.

They pride themselves on their originality and superior quality and strive to make the best hat at a fair price. This is their brand promise and they deliver it with each and every hat. From fedoras and drivers to greeks and drifters, Peter has invented many popular styles imitated by others. Peter Grimm Hats are worn by some of the most famous celebrities. But, most importantly they are worn by true characters who know true quality at true value.