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For more than a century, you have counted on Michelin for safety and performance in your tires. Today, Michelin is also the brand of footwear that you can trust to provide maximum comfort and superior traction in your everyday work and lifestyle activities.

Leveraging the company's technical expertise in managing contact with the ground and in providing comfort and safety, Michelin footwear offers a growing line of premium boots, shoes and insoles ideal for working professionals or simply for casual wear - many with sole designs inspired by Michelin's high-performance tire tread designs.

Because of the company's strengths in rubber compounding, tread design and industrial processes, the industrial footwear industry took notice when Michelin Lifestyle Limited set out to extend its brand beyond tires with a line of professional-grade work boots in 2005. As a niche player in a market dominated by major brands, Michelin footwear is growing by helping working professionals all across North America hit their stride in high-tech comfort.

Michelin offers more than 25 different industrial footwear styles. The comprehensive range of Michelin-branded safety and protective footwear has been embraced by the construction, food service, waste management, mining and manufacturing industries. The Michelin industrial footwear collection can be found online and at independent footwear retailers nationwide.

In addition, Michelin footwear has also been embraced by driving and racing enthusiasts, rugged outdoorsmen and simply those who like to walk in comfort.

No matter what your need is - durable work boots, slip-resistant work shoes, performance driving shoes or tough outdoor footwear - you can now count on Michelin to provide all-day comfort. You owe it to your feet.