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Moxie Trades



Moxie Trades was founded in 2006 with the premise that women in the trades would conquer home renovations BUT our mission became much bigger, broader and bolder than we had ever imagined.

Moxie Trades has become the most recognizable brand of work wear for women in Canada and we are expanding the Moxie Movement to our neighbours in the South. We continue to gain momentum at the consumer level and Moxie is the brand that a woman reaches for first. Our products range from a collection of safety footwear, apparel essentials and safety gear. Our footwear is made with a woman’s last, is light-weight and very comfortable.

Born from a marketplace full of men's workwear in women's sizes, the frustrated founder decided to change the face of work gear forever. Moxie Trades provides quality work wear for women with a cool brand and flavor. Moxie Trades wants to encourage women to be themselves when they're on the job or out at play. "Moxie" is about being strong, fearless and powerful regardless of the situation; let Moxie Trades help you embrace your inner Moxie Girl with workwear designed specifically for women from Moxie Trades.

The definition of Moxie is the ability to face fear with spirit and courage. Find Your Moxie...We Dare You!