Altama Delta Corporation was founded in 1969 in Darien, Georgia where the Altamaha River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Originally a children's shoe plant, the facility was converted to manufacture green jungle boots for U.S. Soldiers stationed in Vietnam. We moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1987, and today we design and manufacture military spec, high performance combat, tactical and police duty boots, some available in 133 different sizes. We have a boot that's right for you and your feet!

Originally started to manufacture olive drab jungle boots for the US Army in Vietnam, Altama had humble beginnings. They supplied Altama Boots supplied thousands of military boots worldwide. Not only does Altama provide boots for the US Military, but Altama distributes and markets to federal, state and local agencies, military schools, police, Special Forces, uniform shops and Army/Navy retailers.

Altama boots have always been the standard for combat boots and in 1991, following Desert Storm, they became available to the public for civilian use. These Altama boots provided great function and durability. Often times, to achieve more traction, soldiers would have their Altama boots resoled at boot and shoes shops to add "saw tooth" bottoms. That was the birth of the rippled sole and Altama was the first to make it available to civilians.

Altama Boots continues to be the leader in tactical footwear. Their extensive experience and knowledge in designing and producing high performance combat footwear has no comparison. The LITESpeed, EXOSpeed II and Ortho-TacX® Series have been developed with some of the most technical and high end materials on the market today. These lightweight, heat resistant styles are focused on ultimately reducing fatigue and enhancing on-the-job performance.