Equestrian Boots


If you spend your days at the track or at the ranch training your favorite horse, you should treat yourself right and get a great pair of equestrian boots. Comfort and functionality is key so getting the right pair of equestrian boots or English riding boots, is very important. Today's riding boots can range from paddock boots to tall riding boots to field boots to dress boots. The event will also factor in which equestrian boots you'd like to choose. It will depend if you need it for hunting, event, show or just casual riding. Having the proper equestrian boots will ensure the best and safest riding experience possible.


Again, there are a ton of options when it comes to equestrian boots. You'd have to find the right style that fits your budget. Here are some of the options you'll have when selecting the proper boots for you:

  • Schooling Boots: These consist of paddock boots and tall riding boots. These are for everyday riding and not recommended for show riding.
  • Trail Riding Boots: These are similar to schooling boots, but are more of a sneaker style that also should not be used for show riding.
  • Hunter Boots or Jumper Show Boots: These consist of field boots. Dress boots are recommended for these events, but field boots will suffice.
  • Dressage Show Boots: Dress boots are a lot stiffer in the back and will not tend to drop a lot at the ankle.
  • Eventing Show Boots: Dress boots are recommended for event shows, but field boots are permitted. Some riders prefer to wear field boots for cross country and stadium, then switch to dress boots for the dressage portion of the event.
  • Hunting Boots: Dress boots or field boots are recommended.


After you know what style of equestrian boots you want, you can select from our various brands. We have great English riding brands like Ariat Boots, Justin Boots, Tony Lama Boots and more. We have a huge selection and you will definitely find the right riding boots to fir your style and your budget. So stop on by bootbarn.com and you'll be glad that you did! Happy trails!