Pendleton Lakota Way of Life Wool Blanket

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Pendleton Lakota Way of Life Wool Blanket

  • 82% virgin wool 18% cotton
  • Trim: 70% wool 30% rayon
  • Buffalo story design
  • Size: 64" X 80"
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Dry clean only

This Way of Life Blanket is a representation of "Pte Oyate"—the Buffalo Nation. For many tribes, the buffalo sustains all life. They used all parts of the buffalo; the meat for food, hide for robes, tepee covers, and shields, horns for bowls and arrow points, and fat for candles and soap. Horses were also essential as they were used for the buffalo hunt. For the Lakota, the buffalo story is held in their breath, their songs, their stories, and especially their homes. This blanket is meant to keep the body warm and the spirit strong. The tepee and stripes represent the four winds, the world above and below, as well as day and night. Tell the great tales of the Buffalo Nation to your children as you all cuddle under this great warm blanket.

Style(s): ZL494-52352

Lifestyle: Western
Material: Wool/Cotton
Color: Tan
Print Nothing says quality like a product that has been around for over 120 years, like Pendleton wool clothing. Founded by a young English weaver, Thomas Kay, this company continues to thrive under the direction of Kay's family. Thomas Kay's eldest daughter, Fannie, learned the mill business and ably assisted her father in mill operation and management. When she married retail merchant C.P. Bishop, a complementary combination of merchandising and manufacturing expertise emerged - a solid foundation for what was to become Pendleton Woolen Mills. This dual textile-retail heritage was passed on to the three Bishop sons, Clarence, Roy and Chauncey. In 1909, with family and town backing, the Bishop sons started up an idle mill in Pendleton, Oregon. The mill, originally built in 1893, faced increased freight tariffs and the business became unprofitable. In 1895, the scouring plant was enlarged and converted into a woolen mill which made bed blankets and robes for Native Americans. In 1912, the addition of a weaving mill in Washougal, WA, broadened Pendleton's capability for fabric variety, including suitings. Wool shirts for men were largely utility items in the early 20th century. In 1924, the legendary Pendleton virgin wool men's shirt was born. Pendleton has thrived under the direction of the Bishop family. Today, their sons have assumed management roles in the company. C.M. Bishop III is president and John and Charles are vice presidents. Another son, Peter, is manager of the Catalog/Internet Division. This family thread has continued to produce Pendleton leadership with a legacy of hands-on management for six generations -- warranted to be a Pendleton since 1863.