Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits CD

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Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits CD
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Kenny Chesney is a country superstar with his own style of easy, breezy Caribbean country, equal parts heartland rock and beach music, all summarized here on Greatest Hits II.  This incredible collection also contains one new song in the opening "Out Last Night," an amiable day-after shuffle. Many of Chesney's records were so suited for a lazy afternoon that they sometimes could border on listless, but this collection does a great job of concentrating on the songs that made him a superstar: "Living in Fast Forward," "There Goes My Life," "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems," and his duet with Uncle Kracker, "When the Sun Goes Down."  Some of his full albums were rewarding in their own right, but none of them quite captures all of his easy charms like this fine hits collection.

Song List:
    1. Out Last Night
    2. Living In Fast Forward
    3. Young
    4. Summertime
    5. Down The Road (with Mac McAnally)
    6. Beer In Mexico
    7. There Goes My Life
    8. When The Sun Goes Down (Duet With Uncle Kracker)
    9. Anything But Mine
    10. Be As You Are
    11. I Go Back
    12. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
    13. The Good Stuff
    14. Never Wanted Nothing More
    15. I'm Alive (with Dave Matthews)
    16. This Is Our Moment
    17. Ain't Back Yet


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