Jason Sturgeon Cornfields and Coal CD

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Jason Sturgeon Cornfields and Coal CD
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The Indiana native's small-town roots have always been a big part of who he is, and they definitely inspired several of the songs on this latest CD, Cornfields & Coal. From the first few strains of the nostalgic -feeling, Appalachian-tinged title track—a tribute to the coal-mining communities and the men who toil in the mines to earn their keep—Jason keys listeners in on a bit of what he stands for and who he is, singing about the flagpoles and steeples that faithfully keep watch over those cornfields and coal across the country.

Song List:
1. Cornfields & Coal
2. Time Bomb
3. Angel Eyes
4. Sunday Funday
5. Why Baby Why
6. Country Girl
7. Lost Our Minds
8. I Never Got To Be Your Dad
9. Take Me As I am
10. My Friends Call Me Jay

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