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When you think of the All-American cowboy, nothing speaks louder than a well-brimmed hat. Cowboy hats have been the symbol of values and freedom as long as America has been around. You will never see anyone on the ranch, out in the field or at the rodeo without a good ol’ cowboy hat. Western hats can be worn in any corner of the world and folks will know it signifies the western lifestyle. Cowboy hats have always been known to protect against the weather, but have made their way back into mainstream America and are more fashionable than ever.

Today’s cowboy hats are made of fur-based felt, straw and the rare leather western hat. They are high-crowned and wide-brimmed. Most of today’s cowboy hats can be shaped by steaming and rolling the brim. That’s how you get the signature cowboy hat crease. If you’d like to learn how to do it, check out our “how-to” section on hat care and creasing your western hat. It only works with felt. Please don’t try to steam your straw hats.

So no matter what your style from straw hats to felt hats, BootBarn.com has you covered. We offer the best brands from Stetson Hats, Resistol Hats, Outback Hats to Charlie 1 Horse Hats. Whatever your needs are, where it’s for style, for the ranch or for an night on the town, we got the right cowboy hat for you.