Brad Paisley’s American Saturday Night CD

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Brad Paisley’s American Saturday Night CD
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American Saturday Night is the seventh studio album by American country music artist Brad Paisley. It earned a 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for "Album of the Year,” and was #1 on TIME Magazine's list of The Top Ten Albums of 2009. The album offers plenty of Paisley’s fret-shredding guitar solos and exhibits mature lyrics with honest and true delivery. For the perfect soundtrack to an American Saturday Night, pick this CD up today.

Song List:
1. American Saturday Night
2. Everybody's Here
3. Welcome to the Future
4. Then
5. Water
6. She's Her Own Woman
7. Welcome to the Future (reprise)
8. Anything Like Me
9. You Do the Math
10. No
11. Catch All the Fish
12. Oh Yeah, You're Gone
13. The Pants
14. I Hope That's Me
15. Back to the Future (hidden track)


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